Statistics and Probability

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Important Maths Formulas of Statistics and Probability 

Class Mark  class mark of a class
Class Size Class size = upper limit – lower limit
Range Range = (Maximum value) – ( Minimum value)
Empirical Formula Mode = 3 Median – 2 Mean


Mean of Ungrouped Data
Mean for n observations x1, x2, x3,...xn  mean 1
Mean for a discrete series  Mean for discrete data
Mean of Grouped Data
Direct Method mean using direct method
Assumed Mean Method  mean by assumed mean method
Step Deviation Method  Step Deviation: Mean
Median of Ungrouped Data:  To find the median of an individual series, arrange the given numbers in ascending or descending order.
Median, if the number of observations n is odd median when n is odd
Median, if the number of observations n is even  Median when n is even
Median of Grouped Data  Median of grouped data
Mode of Ungrouped Data It is the most frequently occurring observation
Mode of Grouped Data  mode
Probability of an Event  Probability of an event
·         The Probability of a sure event  is 1.

·         The probability of an impossible event is 0.

·         The sum of the probabilities of all the outcomes of an experiment is 1.

·         For any event A associated to a random experiment, we have:

Probability of a random experiment