Formula for Exercise- Stay Fit and Healthy

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Are you a leading a lifestyle with no or irregular physical activity? A couch potato!!!
A lifestyle with no regular or irregular physical activity is called a  sedentary lifestyle.
Many studies have shown that sitting for long hours can have harmful effects on your
health and increase your risk of death.

Sedentary lifestyle













We all know that to stay fit and healthy, exercise is must. Exercise plays an important
role to counter the negative effects of a sedentary lifestyle. But, have you ever wondered
how much time you need to spend exercising based on the  number of hours you sit?












Here’s the interesting formula, which is based on the ratio of amount of sitting and
the number of hours need to spend exercising.

Exercise time( in hours) = 1/8 of the sitting time( in hours) 

  • If you sit eight hours a day, then :
    Exercise time = 1/8 × 8 = 1 hour
    Thus, if you sit eight hours a day, you need one hour of exercise.
  • Now, suppose you sit four  hours a day, then:
    Exercise time = 1/8 × 4  = 1/2  hour = 30 minutes
    Thus, if you sit four hours a day, you need 30 minutes of exercise.

Isn’t the formula interesting and useful? You can  now easily calculate the time that you
need to spend exercising based on the amount of sitting you do daily.

This ideal formula is based on a new study, published in the Lancet,  the world's leading
independent general medical journal. This formula has been devised from an analysis of
a large pool of people, about 1 million adults, 45 and older, from across the world. The
findings show a reduction for your risk from many life-threatening diseases.The research
also suggested that the exercise need not to be rigorous or all at once. We can spread our
exercise throughout the day and it can be as simple as walking or cycling.
walking and cycling







For long office hours, an exercise for an hour is a little bit challenging. Here is the
list of  some office exercises that you can do to stay fit and healthy:

  1. Tilt head towards shoulder. Hold for ten seconds and alternate sides.
  2. Roll both your shoulders forward and backward in a circular motion.
  3. Sit straight with face forward, Look up, then down. Look left, then right.
    Repeat this sequence several times without moving the head.
  4. Stand up and support lower back with hands. Gently arch back and hold
    for 5 to 10 seconds. Repeat as often as is needed.
  5. Stand and hold the chair. Alternately raise heels and toes. Repeat 10 times.
  6. Take 10- minute walk during lunch.

Happy exercising and enjoy the life by keeping yourself  healthy!

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