Exploring Multiplication: Using Russian Peasant Multiplication

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Exploring Multiplication: Using Russian Peasant Multiplication

Objective: To explore multiplication using doubling and halving skills

Materials Required: Paper and pencils

Steps: To solve:  28 × 34

  • One student draws column A and other student draws column B. We can call column A ‘half’ and column B ‘doubles’.
  • Each student  then writes the factors as shown. The number in column A is halved and the   one in column B is doubled repeatedly. When you have to half an odd number, ignore the remainder. Both students stop when 1 is reached in column A. Cancel all the even number from column A and its pair in column B.
  • Next, add the numbers that are not cancelled from column B only. That gives  the product.

Multiplication activity









Let us take another example to solve: 12 × 28

Multiplication using Russian Peasant Multiplication1Multiplication using Russian Peasant Multiplication

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